FRAD – ISAAR(CPF) – EAC-CPF – Topic Maps Mapping

Italian Version

A corollary subject of my phd thesis was the analysis of parallelisms between libriarian and archival world.
One of the points of contact is in the description of agents and in the costitution of authority files.

For those aims, a mapping between FRAD (Functional Requirements for Authority Data) and ISAAR(CPF) (International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, persons and families) could be useful.

In 2008 the names project developed a mirror mapping between ISAAR, FRAD and EAC (EAC 2004 beta version).

My mapping is quite different:

  • It’s from the point of view of FRAD (instead of ISAAR)
  • It uses the new EAC-CPF
  • It provides some ideas to how express FRAD and ISAAR elements in Topic Maps

Probably it’s a bit rough and incomplete, but if you want to take a look…

edit: it seems that university server has some problems… you can download PDF version here


2 thoughts on “FRAD – ISAAR(CPF) – EAC-CPF – Topic Maps Mapping

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