Dublin Core Translation: update (spanish and latin)

Italian Version

I’ve updated Dublin Core Translation with spanish (thanks to Alberto form babelzilla) and latin (thank to my professor, my father). You can read another translation of the dublin core terms in latin (official 15 terms) here (more concise and “modern” 😉 than my father ones).

Actually Dublin Core Translation includes:

  • english
  • italian
  • french
  • dutch
  • japanese
  • turkish
  • spanish
  • latin

Dublin core translation (pdf)
Dublin core translation (odt)


7 thoughts on “Dublin Core Translation: update (spanish and latin)

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  3. Tendre que consultar con mi asesor latino por que la traduccion no coincide en algunos terminos y ¡eso que era el conciso! 🙂
    Desciption, Descricio, Descriptio
    Format, Formatus, Forma
    Identifier, Identificator, Quod agnoscere permitit
    Lenguage, Lingua, Lingua
    Publisher, Editor, Editor
    Coverage, Tectum, Regio
    Creator, Factor, Creator
    Title, Titulus, Titulus
    Type, Genus, Genus
    Contributro, Contributor, Adiutor
    date, data, Dies
    rights, Proprietas, Propietas
    Subjetc, Subjectus, Argumentum

    De todas maneras, felicite a su padre de mi parte.

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  5. Hi ictineo,

    I prefer some of your translations, but my latin (24/30 years and years ago) is worse than my english 🙂 So, I dunno what is the better form

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