Beagle 0.3.2 su Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 pacchetti [deb]

Nuova uscita, nuova compilazione.

Il changelog dei cambiamenti.

I pacchetti deb sono al solito indirizzo

Valgono le solite avvertenze su libbeagle (yelp non vedrà beagle 0.3.x)  e le avvertenze sui pacchetti:
non sono un mantainer né un informatico, quindi i pacchetti saranno sicuramente orribili etc.
Usateli con cautela a vostro rischio e pericolo :-D.


3 thoughts on “Beagle 0.3.2 su Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 pacchetti [deb]

  1. Just in case if it helps, 0.3.2 is now in Hardy (I noticed yesterday).

    BTW, do you use beagle yourself ? Have you tried the newer beagle-settings and the webinterface ?

  2. Thank you for the info, probably with hardy’s package there isn’t any problem with yelp… I will try to backport beagle from hardy to gutsy but I don’t know if it will be easy (backporting yelp or nautilus filechooser I think it’s a pain ;-))

    I’m using beagle 0.3.2 and yes, new beagle-setting works fine (it’s quite easy select beckends and so on), but no, I didn’t try yet web interface

  3. The yelp problem is a bug in yelp. Last I checked, its not fixed. Someone from the yelp team needs to fix it.

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