Dublin Core Translation

Italian Version 

When I created Dublin Core NeViewer, the main aim was to allow users to learn dublin core in their own language.

In this way, everyone can reads dublin core metadata and knows that a title is “titolo”, “Titre”, “Title”, “タイトル” or “Başlık” even if they don’t know english or dublin core identifiers.

Some people, from babelzilla, translated my tool and so they also translated dublin core terms.

Here there is a table with dublin core identifiers, english terms and the translation into italian, french, dutch, turkish and japanese.

Dublin Core Translation (ODT)

Dublin Core Translation (PDF)


6 thoughts on “Dublin Core Translation

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  2. I left a friend shortlist of Dublin Core, shortly publishes.

    I think that latin is more concise and precise than any other language.

  3. Desciption Descricio
    Format Formatus
    Identifier Identificator
    Lenguage Lingua
    Publisher Editor
    Coverage Tectum
    Creator Factor
    Title Titulus
    Type Genus
    Contributro Contributor
    date data
    rights Proprietas
    Subjetc Subjectus

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