Archimista: a new archival software

Italian Version

Hi mates!

For a year (well, almost two) the “beautiful minds” of Lombardy Region, Piedmont Region, Lombardy Superintendence of Archive, University of Pavia and Codex coop developed a new open source software for archival inventory and reorganization.

So, all of you are invited (with any vegetables you want throw to us) to the presentation of


State Archives in Milan (Italy) November, 4th from 11.15 to 13.30 😉

Multilingual thesaurus or ontologies and Topic Maps

For italian people see also the original post and the review of this thesis.

I dedicate this post to the Joint Research Centre – European Commission of Ispra and to Carlo Ferigato who selected for this work one of my fellow student…
Well, she is certainly a skilful cataloguer, but I don’t know if she is able to manage thesaurus or ontologies.
I must say great game and good luck mates 🙂
Maybe this post could also help her (and them) ;-).

This post is about multilingual thesaurus or ontologies.

The problem is underlined in several translations of Vanda Broughton’s manual Essential Thesaurus Construction: hierarchical relations (narrower term  and broader term) could be different according to the language.

A simple example.

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FRAD – ISAAR(CPF) – EAC-CPF – Topic Maps Mapping

Italian Version

A corollary subject of my phd thesis was the analysis of parallelisms between libriarian and archival world.
One of the points of contact is in the description of agents and in the costitution of authority files.

For those aims, a mapping between FRAD (Functional Requirements for Authority Data) and ISAAR(CPF) (International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, persons and families) could be useful.

In 2008 the names project developed a mirror mapping between ISAAR, FRAD and EAC (EAC 2004 beta version).

My mapping is quite different:

  • It’s from the point of view of FRAD (instead of ISAAR)
  • It uses the new EAC-CPF
  • It provides some ideas to how express FRAD and ISAAR elements in Topic Maps

Probably it’s a bit rough and incomplete, but if you want to take a look…

edit: it seems that university server has some problems… you can download PDF version here